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78" (2.0m) diameter x 104'8" (32.0m) high PATTERSON Carbon Steel Tower Replacement Unit for Canadian Petro Chemicals Operation.

39" (1.0 m) diameter x 60'0" (18.3 m) high PATTERSON Phosphate Stripper for Canadian Steel Mill.

In plant production of Petro Chemical Tower.

65" (1.66 m) x 529" (13.45 m) high PATTERSON Jacketed Multi-Stage Reactor Column manufactured with polished internal surfaces for Nylon Fibre Production.
Ammonium Thiosulphate (ATS) Absorption Tower  48" ID x 80' straight side leaving plant.

Close up of Tower ready for shipment.

ATS Tower trial fitting of ladders and platforms in plant.
ATS Tower fit-up of 12" diameter gas outlet pipe
ATS Tower fit-up of 12" diameter gas outlet pipe.
ATS Tower under construction in plant.