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PATTERSON 58" (1.47m) dia. x 30'6" (9.3m) long Direct Heated Rotary Dryer System for USA Chemical Plant.

PATTERSON 10'0" (3.05m) dia. x 45'0" (22.86m) long Rotary Dryer for Carbon Black Processing.

PATTERSON 3'0" (.91m) dia. x 12'0" (3.66m) long Continuous Duty Rotary Dryer complete with Air Scrubbing System.

PATTERSON 4'0" (122cm) dia. x 25'0" (7.6m) Direct Heated Drying System for a Western Canada Chemical Plant.

PATTERSON 9'0" (2.75m) dia. x 75'0" (22.9m) Carbon Black, Indirect Fired, Rotary Dryer with Lifter Fins strategically placed along Inside Shell of Dryer to provide even and efficient transfer of heat and uniform drying of product.
Inside view of a  PATTERSON Stainless Steel Rotary Dryer.
Interior of Rotary Dryer.
Interior of Rotary Dryer.
Interior of Rotary Dryer.
Vacuum Dryer Stirrer 74" diameter x 29'4" long in stainless steel, repaired and remachined.
Rebuilt Rotary Dryer Stirrer
Rebuilt Rotary Dryer Stirrer ready for shipment.
PATTERSON 11' 7" (3.53 m) I.D. x 23'0" (7.00 m) overall length Rotary Furnace for the recycling of lead from batteries. This massive piece of equipment has a large split type precision machined girth gear and also heavy precision machined forged tires.  The overall weight of the equipment is over 40 tons and had to be shipped on a specialized "Low Boy" trailer to clear bridges despite special routing that had  to be arranged.                            
Rotary Furnace being shipped.
Rotary Furnace being installed.