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PATTERSON Industries Canada "The Process Equipment People" designs, engineers and manufactures Rotary Dryers and Systems for various industrial processes and applications.

PATTERSON Rotary Dryers can be designed for Direct heat or Indirect Heat processes and with co-current flow of product (same direction as heat flow) or counterflow of product (in opposite direction to heat flow).

Direct Heat Dryers

PATTERSON Direct Heat Dryers pass hot gasses or heated air through the Dryer in the same Chamber that the material to be dried is passing.

Indirect Heat Dryers

PATTERSON Indirect Heat Dryers use hot gasses or heated air. The gases or air is applied to the exterior of the Dryer shell. The processing material travels through the interior of the rotating shell without contact with the hot air or gasses.

PATTERSON Rotary Dryers can be supplied as systems by augmenting the supply of the Rotary Dryer with a Forced Flow Fan, Heating System, Induced Flow Fan and Scrubbing System, all mounted on a common base frame.

In designing the equipment to individual specifications, PATTERSON can supply units from Pilot-size to full Production size. The largest unit made to date is 10'0" (3.05 m) diameter x 75'0" (22.9 m) long). Rotary Dryer bodies can be fabricated from a full range of materials including Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel, Hastelloy and most Nickel-based alloys.

PATTERSON has many years of experience in the design, engineering and construction of Open and Closed Dryer Circuit Systems. Our technical expertise is available to customers looking for high efficiency dryer solutions.


  • Powdered Detergents
  • Carbon Black Pigment
  • Metallic Oxides
  • Insulation Materials
  • Metal Powders
  • Agglomerates
  • Industrial Chemicals

Design Features:

Can be individually designed to customer's material specifications and process parameters.

Designed for different heating systems and materials of construction.

Can be supplied with or without auxiliary equipment as a base frame mounted assembly.

Units can be individually designed to customer's material specifications and process parameters. Complete the Rotary Dryer Specification Sheet and submit by e-mail to PATTERSON for quotation.

Rotary Furnace

PATTERSON INDUSTRIES'  latest shipment is a11' 7" (3.53 m)  I.D. x  23'0" (7.00 m) overall length Rotary Furnace for the recycling of  lead from batteries. This massive piece of equipment has a large split type precision machined girth gear and also heavy precision machined forged tires. The overall weight of the equipment is over 40 tons and had to be shipped on a specialized "Low Boy" trailer to clear bridges despite special routing that had to be arranged.  This is another example of PATTERSON’s expertise in manufacturing Rotary Machinery such as Rotary Dryers, Calciners, Rotary Furnaces and Ball Mills.


Rotary Furnace ready for shipment


Rotary Furnace being shipped


Rotary Furnace being installed




Control Systems

Please note:  PATTERSON has in-house expertise to design and supply operating control systems for all of our process equipment, whether it is a simple start/stop with cycle time or complex multi-stage systems executing recipes or formulas and communicating with existing plant control systems.


Close up of Control Box with stop/start, jog/run and 0-12 hr timer.


Control Panel Overview including HMI Touch Screen.


Close-up of Inside of Control Panel with PLC and Variable Frequency Motor Controllers.