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PATTERSON Tube-to-Tube Sheet Welding by Cybertig on a Refinery Hydrocracker.

Fully Piped and Valved PATTERSON Heat Exchanger Arrangement for Steel Mill.

Five PATTERSON Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers manufactured for Chinese Petro-Chemical Project.

100 Tonne Vertical PATTERSON Heat Exchanger/Condensor 12'0" (3.66m) dia. X 50'0" (15.24m) high for Environmental Application at a Nickel Smelter Operation.
High Temperature Service,  Choosing the right material is critical for avoiding premature failure.  (See reprint of article from Nickel Magazine in  News & News Release section in this website.)
Tube bundles with 1" OD Seamless Admiralty Brass U tubes.
Tube sheet view of tube bundles with 1" OD Seamless Admiralty Brass U tube.
Close up of U-bends.
U-bundle ready for shipment.
Replacement Falling Film Evaporator Tube Bundle 22"O.D. x 120" long with 2" seamless Hastelloy C-276 tubes.
Close-up of tubesheet.
One of two finished Exchangers 35" ID x 24'0" tube length Absorbing Acid Coolers constructed in 304L Stainless Steel.
Tube Bundle ready for insertion into shell.
Trimming Tubes.
Tube to tubesheet welding.
Tube to tubesheet welding close-up.
2 Units loaded for truck shipment.
2 Units leaving plant.
PATTERSON Type BJT Horizontal Saddle Mounted Condenser and Cooler, Size 20" x 192", Fabricated to ASME and TEMA C, Carbon Steel with 3/4" Admiralty Brass Tubing, Rear Side view
Front Side view