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PATTERSON Industries Canada "The Process Equipment People" designs, engineers and manufactures Batch & Continuous type Ball & Pebble Mills mainly for the Coatings, Minerals and Metal Powder Industries together with the Mil-Reactor® for specific Chemical Processing applications.

At PATTERSON we offer our many years of technical and engineering experience in analyzing your individual requirements and to cost- effectively help increase production. Our services can be invaluable in selecting the proper mill arrangement or in the modernization of an existing mill.

PATTERSON's scope of activity is not limited to the supply of the basic mill. We supply equipment for Continuous Grinding applications. Our Ball, Tube and Rod Mills are designed for open or closed circuit grinding under the most severe and exacting conditions.

PATTERSON offers a variety of Steel or Ceramic Jar Mills and Mill Jars ranging from 0.12 USG to 6.6 USG for laboratory, research and development use. Batch Type Ball and Pebble Mill production units range in size from 15" (381 mm) diameter to 96" (2438 mm) diameter and from 21" (533 mm) long to 144" (3658 mm) long. The Continuous Ball and Pebble Mill grinding units range from 24" (610 mm) diameter to 96" (2438 mm) diameter and from 36" (915 mm) long to 36'0" (11 m) long.

PATTERSON's unmatched Ball and Pebble Mill custom design experience and manufacturing capability is your assurance of a system that meets your requirement for maximum grinding efficiency at a cost-effective price.

PATTERSON Batch-type Ball & Pebble Mills

PATTERSON's Ball and Pebble Mills are ideally suited for wet or dry grinding processes, size reduction and dispersion, and deflocculation in solid-liquid systems. Mill sizes range from 10 gal. (45 litre) to 6,000 gal. (23,000 litre) capacities.

Whatever the application - in the grinding of solids, in liquids to reduce size or to make a dispersion, or when the materials being processed cannot be contaminated by contact with iron - you will find a PATTERSON Pebble Mill precisely suited to your individual needs.

The types "D" (non-jacketed) and "DJ" (jacketed) Ball or Pebble Mills are the most popular PATTERSON designs - furnished with either of three types of linings or extra heavy chrome manganese steel shell. Lined mills are charged with Flint Pebbles, Porox Balls (Silica based), or Arlcite Balls (Alumina based) and unlined mills use Chrome-Molloy Steel Balls.

PATTERSON Mills are equipped with motor, ring gear and pinion drive, magnetic brake and inching device. Type "DJ" Jacketed Mills provide controlled temperatures ranging from below 0º to 500ºF by the circulation of brine or other refrigerants for low temperatures, or hot water, steam, or thermal fluid (hot oil) for high temperatures. The grinding at low temperature of materials having a low softening point thus becomes possible. By the application of controlled heat, materials having a relatively high melting point can be easily ground.

Mixing, drying, chemical reaction, distillation and recovery of solvents may all be accomplished during the grinding operation. Gas adsorption, aerating and many other chemical processes are readily performed in PATTERSON Mills under pressure or vacuum-all while the mill is in operation. Two or three-step processes can be handled with one machine.

Where the Type "DJ" Mill is used, uniform viscosity is maintained throughout the grind and by circulation of water, temperatures sufficiently low to prevent the formation of gases are assured. Hence, there is no need to shut down the mill for cooling. Grinding of products that must be kept cool during the grinding operation is achieved in the minimum of time and with the assurance of high quality. When heated with hot water, steam or thermal fluid, these mills easily grind extremely heavy paste and other materials that normally solidify when cold.

Types TD and TDJ Ball and Pebble Mills

For certain applications, PATTERSON recommend the simplicity, compactness and low maintenance features of these mills. Ring gears and pinions have been replaced by a torque arm drive. The construction of cylinders is the same as other PATTERSON Mills, but sizes are limited in steel ball models to 3'6" x 4'0" and in lined mills to 4'0" x 5'0".

PATTERSON Dry Discharge Housings

PATTERSON Mills equipped with these Dry Discharge Housings for dry grinding, provide a virtually dust-free operation. The housing encloses the mill body, leaving outside all gears and bearings, which consequently are not subjected to the abrading action of the dust. The housings may be designed to hold the full charge from the mill, so that the next batch may be immediately placed in the mill and the housing discharged into receptacles at your convenience.


Dry Discharge Housing 

Split and easily detached, they are equipped with a special gasket held in tension by a special spring-loaded device, assuring a dust-tight seal between mill and housing when the Pebble Mill is in operation.

Elevation on steel sub-bases or on concrete or brick piers is available.


  • Paints and Inks
  • Lacquers and Varnishes
  • Appliance Coatings
  • Carbon Paper Coatings

Design Features:

  • Lined and unlined.
  • With or without jacket and automatic thermal controls.
  • Ring gear and pinion or torque arm drive.
  • Vent and sampling outlet.
  • Trunnion, head or door inlets.
  • Dry discharge housing for dry grinding.

Units can be individually designed to customer's material specifications and process parameters. Complete the Ball and Pebble Mill Specification Sheet and submit by e-mail to PATTERSON for quotation.

Mill Linings:

PATTERSON Ball and Pebble Mills may be lined with Burhstone or ARLCITE alumina.  The lining to use is determined by the application and PATTERSON's experience.

PATTERSON offers ARLCITE lining materials for installation in our plant or at customer's plant by fully qualified PATTERSON personnel.

Grinding Media:

PATTERSON Mills may be charged with Flint Pebbles, ARLCITE balls or Molloy steel balls in sizes from 1/4" (6.5 mm) to 2" (5.2 cm) diameter.  Here too, the selection is determined by the application and PATTERSON's experience.

PATTERSON stocks some ARLCITE High Density Porcelain Grinding Media, Select FLINT PEBBLES, polished and unpolished ALLOY STEEL Grinding Balls in a variety of sizes or has them available for custom orders.


Control Systems

Please note:  PATTERSON has in-house expertise to design and supply operating control systems for all of our process equipment, whether it is a simple start/stop with cycle time or complex multi-stage systems executing recipes or formulas and communicating with existing plant control systems.


Close up of Control Box with stop/start, jog/run and 0-12 hr timer.


Control Panel Overview including HMI Touch Screen.


Close-up of Inside of Control Panel with PLC and Variable Frequency Motor Controllers.



Test Equipment available for rent

One (1) only Steel Ball Mill, 15" diameter x 21" long, Non-Jacketed, complete with 1/2 HP, 110/220V integral gear motor.  Total mill volume is 16 USG.  Ball charge required is approx. 215 lbs, product volume approx. 7.4 USG. 



Non-Drive end view


Drive end view


Interior view of Mil
Please call for availability and Rental Rates.



OEM Parts available for most PATTERSON Ball Mills:
·   Ring Gears and Pinions
·   Babbitted Bearings
·   Vent Plugs
·   Discharge Doors and Grids

Always determine serial number or diameter plus length of mill and whether Lined Pebble Mill or Unlined Steel Ball Mill.



Ring Gear Replacement




Babbitted Bearings for Ball Mills ready for machining.


Babbitted Bearings for Ball Mills ready for machining.


Sockets for Babbitted Ball Mill Bearings.


Finished Machined Bearing.


Liquid Discharge Lids and grinding door covers for Ball Mills.


PATTERSON Urethane Lined Pebble Mill Door for 6’0” dia. PATTERSON  Pebble Mill – Top Side


As above - Bottom Side


18" Babitted Replacement Bearings for PATTERSON Ball Mill.


12" Babitted Replacement Bearings for PATTERSON Ball Mills.
Top view of Discharge Grid for Steel Ball Mill.


Used or re-built Ball Mills for Sale:

PATTERSON Industries generally has a number of lined and unlined good quality used or rebuilt Ball Mills available for sale.  Some of these mills are shown below.  

Availability subject to prior sale.  Please contact us for a quotation!



Rebuilt PATTERSON 2'6' diameter x 3'6" long  Steel Ball Mill -  Front View
Note:  Proper Gear Guards will be required!


Drive End Side View


Close-up of Drive and Ring Gear


Ball Mill without Ring Gear 2'6" x 3'6".


PATTERSON 3'0" diameter x 4'0" long Type D Non-Jacketed Lined Pebble Mill.  Fully reconditioned with ring gear and pinion in excellent condition complete with 5 HP, 550V Westinghouse Integral gearmotor with brake, Inventory # 38050264.
Note:  Proper Gear Guard will be required!



Non drive side view.


Overall Close up of Ring Gear for 3'0" diameter x 4'0" long Lined Ball Mill


Close up of ring gear and pinion.


Interior of above mill.


Lining inside Ball mill.  


Front 3'0" diameter x 4'0" long Lined Ball Mill with open discharge door.