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PATTERSON Industries (Canada) Limited "The Process Equipment People" designs, engineers and manufactures Portable Typhoon Agitators in a variety of sizes, both electric and air driven, for many different applications.

PATTERSON Portable Typhoon  Agitators

PATTERSON offers a superior line of Portable Agitators for continuous, heavy-duty service. These units can be used for the mixing, dissolving and suspension of liquids and liquids/solids solutions. Direct Drive Typhoons are recommended for light and medium solutions with viscosities up to 500 cps and Gear Drive types for larger batch sizes or materials up to 4000 cps. Electronic variable speed and air drive types as well as special combinations are available.

Design Features:

  • Motors are built to the latest NEMA frame design specifications and available either with totally enclosed fan cooled or explosion-proof enclosures. Power supplies of 115/230V - single phase or 230/460V - three phase, 60 cycles at 1725 rpms are standard. Other output speeds or power supplies are available on special order. Motors have standard NEMA C-flange mounting. Air motors may be mounted interchangeable with other types.
  • The Speed Reducer for Gear Drive units feature Single Reduction Oil Lubricated Helical Gearing for quiet, trouble-free operation. Units use the same NEMA C-Flanges as for the motors. Standard output speed is 420 RPM. Other speeds are available.
  • A Shaft Chuck couples the drive to the agitator shaft. Standard arrangement allows up to 6" adjustment of shaft extension.
  • Oversize pre-lubricated ball bearings are mounted in the lower end of the housing and provide ample support for the Shaft Chuck to withstand the overhung load of the propeller shaft and the "deflection" caused by the mixing load.
  • Strong lightweight cast aluminium mixer housing.
  • Single ball and socket clamp arrangement is standard with (optional) four-bolt mounting base available, to suit your desired application.
  • Shaft and propellers available in Type 316 stainless steel. Other alloys or coatings are available on special order.
  • Electronic variable speed unit with solid state SCR gives the operator full control of the mixing process. Standard models range from 1/4 or 1/2 H.P., 115V, single phase, 60-cycle or 1 H.P., 230V, single phase 60 cycle; direct drive 90 to 1800 RPM, gear drive 21 to 420 RPM. (Other speed ranges are available on special order).

PATTERSON Air Driven Portable Typhoon Agitators

Similar in design to the Typhoon  Direct Drive and Gear Drive portable agitators, the Air Drive Typhoon is ideal for applications in hazardous locations or where variable speeds are required.

Air Motors offer an infinite number of speeds with different combinations of shaft diameter and propeller sizes available for each unit, depending upon the nominal speed at which the unit is usually operated. The air motor will not be damaged if too large a propeller for the application is chosen, it will simply slow down as the load increases.

Units can be individually designed to customer's material specifications and process parameters. Complete the Portable Agitator Specification Sheet and submit by e-mail to PATTERSON for quotation.