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PATTERSON Xantate Dissolvers with Agitators.
PATTERSON Custom Designed 90" (2.29m) dia. Curved Blade Turbine for installation in Acetate Dissolver.


PATTERSON Helical Flight Agitator Arrangement for Polymerization Reactor which couples to a Hydraulic Drive Assembly.


3 only PATTERSON Custom designed Top Entry Turbine type Agitators, complete with 15 HP motor and 54" (137 cm) diameter rubber coated 4 blade, 45 axially pitched Solid Hub Type turbines running at 51 rpm for Lime and Gypsum Slurry Tanks.  



Complete Agitator with Agitator Shaft and Turbine installed


Close up of Guarded Motor to Gearbox Coupling


Top view of Agitator with Gearbox coupled motor on scoop


Close up of Lifting Lug and Lifting Arrangements for Agitator


Close up of Rubber Lined Agitator Shaft with 54" 4 blade Turbine


Agitator ready for shipment


54" (137 cm) Rubber Lined Turbine ready for shipment


Rubber lined Agitator Shafts ready for shipment


Four only PATTERSON  8,000 litre Mixing Vessels complete with 15 HP PATTERSON  Turbine Agitators.


PATTERSON  2,000 litre mixing Vessel complete with 7-1/2 HP PATTERSON  Turbine Agitator.