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PATTERSON Industries Canada "The Process Equipment People" custom designs, engineers and manufactures Sigma Blade Kneading machines for many different industries and service requirements.

The PATTERSON Kneadermaster« is a uniquely designed mixer which provides economical batch mixing of materials having high viscosities and requiring high shear mixing action to achieve the desired product consistency.

PATTERSON Kneadermaster« Batch Mixers may be engineered and built in both TILTING and NON-TILTING Styles for working capacities ranging from 5 USG (19 l) up to 2000 USG (7570 l). Special research and development laboratory scale units have been built as small as 1USG (3.78 l).

Design Features:

The Sigma Blade Mixers are precision built. All bearings are of anti-friction type, gearing wide face precision cut, and all vital gearing is straddle mounted between two bearings. Both bearings and gearing run in sealed oil tight housings with visible oil level gauges.

Trough, trough ends, and mixing blades may be arranged for rapid controlled heating or cooling depending upon process demands.

Cored blades assure maximum efficiency in the heating or cooling of materials being mixed. The Kneadermaster« can be jacketed to further assure temperature control and uniformity. The heat transfer areas in the mixer are designed so that the material being processed is constantly exposed to surfaces of controlled temperature.

PATTERSON Kneadermaster« Batch Mixers feature totally enclosed drive arrangement for optimum efficiency, easy maintenance, and positive circulation for heating or cooling medium.

The Trough and Blades design radically improves trough mounting and tilting. Built in piping, straddle mounted gearing and anti-friction bearings improve performance and safety. Tilting mechanism, automatic lubrication for bearings and gearing, rigidity of construction, and scientifically correct blades maximize performance.

PATTERSON Kneadermaster« Batch Mixer
Applications include:

  • Mixing and compounding plastic materials with varied fillers or reagents.
  • Masticating, breaking down, and/or developing dispersions of plastic materials.
  • Mixing, wetting, and dispersion of pigments with various vehicles including force-feed "letting down" or dilution.
  • Liberating and removal of volatilize components from plastic or other materials during mixing and kneading operation.
  • Combining of chemical reaction with intensive physical treatment in one operation.
  • Mixing and treating fibrous material without destruction of fibre structure.
  • Washing and stabilizing tenacious gum and synthetic products while preserving molecular integration.
  • Mixing and dispersion of flaked or powdered metals with various vehicles or binders.
  • Some of the materials processed by the PATTERSON Kneadermaster« includes:
  • Abrasives - Buffing Compounds - Resin bonded wheel compounds.
  • Adhesives - Rubber - Stove cements - Casein.
  • Asphaltic Compositions - Battery case mixes - Belt dressings - Crucible pastes - Electric arc carbon - Electrodes.
  • Bakery Products - Bread and cake dough - Chocolate powders (prepared) - Fruitcake.
  • Drugs - Heavy paste compositions (various) Massage creams - Pill mixtures Toothpaste.
  • Explosives - Rocket fuel.
  • Food Products - Bakery products - Cheese (process) - Chicle - Chocolate and Cocoa - Dog biscuits - Dog food - Margarine - Mincemeat - Sausage meat.
  • Paper - Clay and carbonate dispersions in starch or casein binder.
  • Pigments - Organisol pigmenting - Plastisol pigmenting - Putty (glazing and caulking).
  • Plastics - Extrusion compounds (various) - Molding compounds (alkyds, ureas, vinyls) - Organisols - Plastisols.
  • Waxes - Belt dressings - Buffing compounds.

Units can be individually designed to customer's material specifications and process parameters. Complete the Kneadermaster« Sigma Blade Mixer Specification Sheet and submit by e-mail to PATTERSON for quotation.




Control Systems

Please note:  PATTERSON has in-house expertise to design and supply operating control systems for all of our process equipment, whether it is a simple start/stop with cycle time or complex multi-stage systems executing recipes or formulas and communicating with existing plant control systems.


Close up of Control Box with stop/start, jog/run and 0-12 hr timer.


Control Panel Overview including HMI Touch Screen.


Close-up of Inside of Control Panel with PLC and Variable Frequency Motor Controllers.



Test Equipment Available for rent:


PATTERSON 5 US Gallon Kneadermaster« with hydraulically tilting trough, stainless steel 316 Trough 16-1/2" L x 11" W x 15" H, with overlapping, Heated Sigma Blades, Jacket SS304, 50 PSIG working pressure, at 300║F - 70CA3194 with 5 HP 575V/3/60 Lewellyn Variable Speed Drive.



Front non-drive view.


Kneadermaster«. - front view.


Inside view of overlapping Sigma Blades.
Top cover with inspection window.

Please call for availability and Rental Rates.