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PATTERSON Industries Canada "The Process Equipment People" designs, engineers and manufactures Pug Mills for a great variety of industries and applications.

PATTERSON Pug Mills are used for continuous mixing, or pugging a wide range of materials from medium to heavy viscosity. Dry materials can also be mixed or reacted with vehicles and/or binders.

The troughs are double "U" section with centre saddle. They accommodate two parallel shafts fitted with overlapping type blades for fast, thorough, progressive processing.

PATTERSON Pug Mills are normally driven through one motor with spur gearing. They are available with belt, chain or direct driven configurations. Both shafts are equipped with stuffing boxes on the charging end. The discharging end may be equipped with shaft seals or stuffing boxes, depending on location of mixer outlet. Power inputs are available from 10 H.P. and up.

Product discharge may be over a regulated weir, from the bottom of the trough, side of the trough, or over an angled chute.

PATTERSON can custom-build Pug Mills with covers in various lengths and widths to suit your process requirements. Covers may have liquid additive nozzles, sight glasses, access openings, vents and other desired application configurations

Construction materials (troughs and blades) in contact with the material being mixed, may be stainless steel, common metals, hastelloy, inconel or nickel. Troughs can also be abrasion resistant steel lined, and/or jacketed for heating or cooling medium circulation.

Dry solids or liquid components are easily fed by means of conventional volumetric or gravemetric feeding devices.

Typical PATTERSON Pug Mills applications are: mixing fertilizers, clays, heavy chemicals, foods, animal feeds, power plant waste, etc.

PATTERSON Pug Mill Units are available in - Single or Double Shaft Units for specified applications. Units available with Adjustable Pitched Blades or bolted fin type. Standard or Heavy-duty construction.

Units can be individually designed to customer's material specifications and process parameters. Complete Pug Mill Specification Sheet and submit by e-mail to PATTERSON for quotation.


Control Systems

Please note:  PATTERSON has in-house expertise to design and supply operating control systems for all of our process equipment, whether it is a simple start/stop with cycle time or complex multi-stage systems executing recipes or formulas and communicating with existing plant control systems.

Close up of Control Box with stop/start, jog/run and 0-12 hr timer.



Control Panel Overview including HMI Touch Screen.



Close-up of Inside of Control Panel with PLC and Variable Frequency Motor Controllers.



Test Pug Mill Available for Rental:


PATTERSON Twin Shafted Continuous Pug Mill, with jacket rated for 100 psig @ 338F, Inside Trough 9-3/8" wide, 9-1/8" deep, 36" long, Stainless Steel with Adjustable Mixing Blades including 7-1/2/3-3/4 HP, 2-speed, 1800/900 rpm, 575 V, 3PH, 60 Hz, TEFC Variable Speed Drive, Working Capacity 1 cu.ft.

Based upon two minute retention, maximum throughput is approx. 21 to 23 cu.ft/hr.  Based upon three minute retention, maximum throughput is approx. 14 to 16 cu.ft/hr.




Close-up of Mixing Shaft with Adjustable Paddles
Blades with Adjustable Paddles

Please call for availability and Rental Rates.