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PATTERSON Industries Canada "The Process Equipment People" due to its long time involvement with the process industries designs, engineers and manufactures a new advanced concept in Laboratory Blending.

The PATTERSON Porta-Shell® is a unique laboratory blender with interchangeable shells. The versatile PATTERSON Porta-Shell® will save countless man-hours in lab research and process development.

Design Features:

  • Three interchangeable shell configurations:  Cone, Vee and Ribbon type.
  • Two lightweight shell materials - acrylic and stainless steel.
  • Seven shell sizes - Cone and Vee available in 3, 6 and 10 quart sizes. Ribbon type available in 10 quart working capacity.
  • Easy to assemble, operate and clean.
  • Single enclosed power base for all shells.
  • 0-5 minute timer for setting a predetermined cycle.
  • Liquid to solid addition in Cone and Vee Shells.
  • Disperser Bar and ribbon remain with shell.
  • The shells can be moved from power base for cleaning or sterilizing.
  • The shell with its charge of blended materials can be removed from the power base for assay or comparison, moved to next operation or stored for future use.
  • A Tilting Ribbon Mixer available to provide complete discharge.
  • Interchangeable shells eliminate cross contamination, i.e., drugs, flavors, aromas and colors.
  • Contains product between operations to eliminate product contamination, or dust and health related hazards.
  • Liquid disperser bar atomizes liquid to provide uniform dispersion.
  • Anti-friction bearings with seals eliminate shaft replacement.
  • Shaft seal easily replaced.
  • Predictable scale-up of time and product to production size Blenders.

The Disintegrator is an attrition device for breaking up lumps or impinging solids on solids. As a liquid disperser, it creates a fine mist inside a self-created cavern in the tumbling particle mass. A rapidly changing array of solid particles is exposed to the liquid mist, but there is no clear path by which liquid can get lost by wetting inner walls of the shells.

The Disperser Bar Assembly consists of an annular chamber with two pairs of mounted discs. As the assembly rotates at 2800 rpm, liquid from the liquid feed tube is thrown by centrifugal force against the inner tube of the chamber, through holes in the inner tube to the outer tube. It then flows horizontally toward two pairs of discs, then out through the disc orifices, in the form of very fine droplets to the solid particles.

Units can be individually designed to customer's material specifications and process parameters.



PATTERSON Laboratory size Mini Porta-Shell® Blending System

Design Features:

  • PATTERSON Mini Porta-Shell® Blending System consisting of Power Base with Controls and one Vee Shell, Stainless Steel, 128 ml total volume Shell Assembly with Intensifier-Liquid Addition feature.
  • Service:  Blending of batches of powders with densities to 60 lbs/cu.ft., having relatively free flowing characteristics and non-hygroscopic in nature/behavior.  Liquid Addition System designed for liquid with the viscosity of water.  Drive designed for typical Laboratory/Research & Development batch cycle times.
  • Total Capacity: 128 cc

  • Working Capacity: 77 cc

  • Minimum Working Capacity: 25 cc

  • Power Base:  The PATTERSON Mini Porta-Shell® Blender Power Base is made of 304 stainless steel with a 180 grit mechanically polished finish.

  • The Power Base is supplied assembled and ready for operation, and includes a main motor, chain and sprocket shell drive, consisting of a shell yoke with bolted clamp for securing the blender body, supported in flanged ball bearings.  The Intensifier Drive includes a rear drive shaft supported by both ball and needle bearings in the shell yoke, and is driven at approx. 3000 RPM through vee belt and sheaves by an AC motor.  Both motors are open type, fan cooled, brushless for Argon gas atmosphere (non explosion proof motors) suitable for 110 volt, single phase, 60 cycle, A/C current input.  Controls consist of a main power switch, plus on/off switches for each motor, 0 to 100 minutes digital timer and fuse for the Mini Porta Shell® Blender Body Drive Motor and a 6 foot, 3-wire power cord with ground.
  • Approx. Dimensions of System:  Power Base including Vee Body: Overall width 12", Overall depth 5-1/2" (Blender body in horizontal position is  shorter than base), overall height: approx. 6".

  • Shell:  The PATTERSON Mini Porta-Shell® Blender Shell is constructed of 316 stainless steel with smooth 2B finish and designed for Intensifier - Liquid Addition as a standard.  The shell is self-contained, including anti-friction bearing cartridge assembly, intermediate intensifier shaft, shaft seal and dispersion bar which is removable from the intermediate intensifier shaft and a bearing cartridge which can be removed from the trunnions.  Vee Shell has 3 openings (1-1/2" diameter) all with clamp fittings and wing nuts.

  • After blending, the complete shell assembly with blended material can be quickly and easily removed from the power base for convenient discharge and clean up.


Front view of PATTERSON Mini Porta-Shell®, 128 ml total volume with Intensifier – Liquid Addition Feature.  Working capacity 77 ml (cc), minimum working capacity 25 ml (cc)
Side/top view of PATTERSON Mini Porta-Shell® 
Rear/top view of PATTERSON Mini Porta-Shell® 
View of Intensifier Drive inside Vee Blender
View of Disassembled Vee Blender
PATTERSON Porta Shell® 500 ml Mini Lab Blender as described in detail above but following size:  800 ml total capacity, 500 ml operating capacity, 170 ml minimum operating capacity
Side/top view of PATTERSON Porta Shell® 500 ml Mini Lab Blender 




View of Intensifier Drive inside Blender

View of Disassembled Blender