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PATTERSON Industries Canada "The Process Equipment People" designs, engineers and manufactures Ribbon and Paddle Mixers for numerous different industrial and chemical processes and applications.

Backed by almost a century of service to the chemical, food, paint, petroleum, drug, plastics and other process industries, PATTERSON Standard and Heavy-duty Ribbon and Paddle Mixers are outstanding for economical and dependable performance. The PATTERSON line of quality mixers includes standard and custom models for laboratory, pilot plant and production mixing of powders, pastes and liquids; jacketed design for heating or cooling; twin-shaft paddle mixers; special units for vacuum service; cylindrical mixers and heavy-duty models for special chemical service. Standard sizes range in working capacity from 0.8 cu. ft. to 282 cu. ft. (0.023 cu. m to 8.00 cu. m).

PATTERSON Mixers are fabricated in heavy gauge carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, monel or other special materials as required. Every aspect of the design is planned for operating efficiency under a variety of conditions. PATTERSON Mixers are built for long, trouble-free service life. Our welders are ASME qualified for code welding on unfired pressure vessels.

PATTERSON Ribbon Mixers

Five-Fold Mixing Action. PATTERSON Ribbon Mixers are engineered for fast and thorough blending. The diameter, pitch and width of each ribbon is accurately proportioned to prevent localized product accumulation and achieve maximum action. Functions include rolling, folding, reversing direction, vertical displacement and lateral displacement operations.

In addition to the mixing action, the shearing action in the interface between the opposingly pitched ribbon provides a mild kneading. The Mixer Ribbons are designed so that the outer ribbon conveys from the end towards the centre whereas the inner ribbon conveys from the centre towards the end.

PATTERSON Paddle Mixers

PATTERSON Paddle Mixers or Pug Mills are used for continuous mixing of a wide range of materials of medium to heavy viscosity, where dry material is mixed with binders or liquids.

Design features single or double shafts with adjustable pitch bolted-on paddles available for various mixing requirements such as chocolate, batters, semi-plastic mixes, pastes, glues and emulsions.

Design Features:

  • Fast, Easy Cleaning - The entire ribbon or paddle assembly is removable as a unit.
  • Outboard, Anti-friction Bearings - The trunnions are supported in self-aligning, anti-friction bearings mounted outboard of the mixer body.
  • Shaft Seal - Three rows of packing, of type compatible with product and application, housed in a standard gland follower stuffing box, assist in keeping dirt out and product in. Purged and lubricated seals as well as the mechanical seals are also available.
  • Hinged Covers - Sturdy steel covers with hinged end sections and bolted centre section permit charging at either end. Special cover arrangements accommodate automated feed devices post tight operations and other specific customer requirements. Bag support grids with or without bag slitters, and limit switch protection, are available for operator safety.
  • Simplified Drives - Typically units of sizes to 100 cu. ft (2.8 cu. m) and 15 H.P. drive are driven by a torque arm reducer with "V" belts and an integrally mounted motor. Larger sizes incorporating chain drives have a separate motor-reducer drive arrangement mounted on a common base plate.
  • Many of our units are equipped with integral gear motor shaft mounted drives for requirements up to 30 HP and either parallel shaft or right angled helical gearmotors for drive requirements over 30 H.P. This not only provides greater drive efficiency but also improves operator safety by eliminating the pinch points created by belt and chain type arrangements. Maintenance is reduced by the elimination of stretching and wearing of the belts, chains, and the continual tensioning required.
  • Controlled Liquid Additives - Strategically positioned spray nozzles permit controlled addition of liquids.
  • Dependable Discharge - Manual lever or hand wheel operated slide gate valve, with air cylinder operator as an option; or swing-type flush mounting plug valve which eliminates the amount of product contained within the pocket of valve nozzle that is experienced with the slide gate type of valve, provide dependable discharge.

Typical Applications include:

  • Abrasives and Adhesives
  • Agricultural Chemicals
  • Animal Feed Additives
  • Asphalt Emulsion
  • Cereals
  • Chocolate Products
  • Cleaning Compounds
  • Cosmetics
  • Dehydrated Foods
  • Detergents and Soaps
  • Dietary Foods
  • Dry Wall Joint Compound
  • Dyestuffs & Pigments
  • Electrode Compound
  • Explosives
  • Feed Concentrates
  • Fertilizers and Pesticides
  • Fire Extinguisher Chemicals
  • Flours, Food Flavoring and Mixes
  • Foundry Sand
  • Gelatin
  • Herbicides and Insecticides
  • Insulation mixes
  • Meat Preservatives
  • Minerals
  • Pet Foods
  • Pharmaceuticals and Vitamins
  • Phenolic Resins
  • Polystyrene Pellets
  • Powdered Metals
  • Prepared Instant Drink Mixes
  • PVC Compound
  • Sand & Cement Pre-mixes
  • Sanitation Chemicals
  • Sawdust
  • Spices and Sugars
  • Water Treatment Chemicals
  • Welding Flux

Units can be individually designed to customer's material specifications and process parameters. Complete the Ribbon or Paddle Mixer Specification Sheet and submit by e-mail to PATTERSON for quotation.



Control Systems

Please note:  PATTERSON has in-house expertise to design and supply operating control systems for all of our process equipment, whether it is a simple start/stop with cycle time or complex multi-stage systems executing recipes or formulas and communicating with existing plant control systems.

Close up of Control Box with stop/start, jog/run and 0-12 hr timer.

Control Panel Overview including HMI Touch Screen.


Close-up of Inside of Control Panel with PLC and Variable Frequency Motor Controllers.


Variable frequency drive system mounted in free standing control cabinet for a PATTERSON 40 HP Ribbon Blender Drive


Close of front side of Control Panel



Test Equipment available for rent

Size C PATTERSON Experimental Ribbon Blender
available for rent, ideal for performing mixing tests of new products. Jacketed Ribbon Blender, Trough 316 Stainless Steel, Jacket 304 Stainless Steel, 125 psig, 350F, Total Capacity 2.5 cu.ft.,  Operating Capacity 2.0 cu.ft, complete with 2 HP, 550V/3/60 motor and variable Lewellen Speed Drive, 60-240 rpm.  Also equipped with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) System to allow input power voltage from 430 - 610V.  Mixer is equipped with Knife Gate Valve and Steam Pipe to inject liquids.

Non Drive Side Front View.

Drive End Front View.
Inside Trough View with Ribbon Stirrer.

Close up of VFD Control Panel.

PATTERSON Laboratory Ribbon Blender 1 cft total capacity, 3/4 cft working capacity on casters, stainless steel 304, with 1/4 HP drive motor coupled to gear reducer  110/220V/1/60 with 3" discharge port, Inside trough 20" L x 9" W x 10-1/2" H, lid with large Plexiglass window.  Ideal to do mixing tests with small quantities of material.


Front view of Laboratory Ribbon Blender

Drive Side view of Laboratory Ribbon Blender.

Top view of Laboratory Ribbon Blender through lid.


Please contact us for availability and rental rates.