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PATTERSON Industries Canada "The Process Equipment People" have been designing, engineering and manufacturing Process Equipment and Systems at our Scarborough location since 1945.

Every piece of equipment supplied since that time, and equipment shipped into Canada prior to 1945 by our then U.S. parent company, is supported by a maintained database consisting of the original engineering file with Bill of Materials, Drawings, Mill Test Certificate and Jurisdictional Affidavits of Manufacture. Together with this there is a computerized data base system that records the type and size of equipment and name of the original purchaser. This means that if you have equipment manufactured by PATTERSON, we will be able to provide you with its physical, mechanical and electrical specification documents, operating manuals as well as parts.

To obtain parts and/or service, all that is required is the original serial number from the PATTERSON Equipment Nameplate. There have been instances where the nameplate has been removed but by knowing the type and size, the unit can be traced through our computerized data base.

PATTERSON stocks standard equipment spare parts and can generally manufacture or obtain non-stock items from suppliers with minimum  delay, thus reducing downtime and loss of production.

If you either own or have acquired PATTERSON Equipment and wish to rebuild or relocate it to another manufacturing facility, call us. Our records allow the verification of the equipment integrity and subsequent re-testing and certification for operation at the new location. Equipment built over 20 years ago can still be re-certified using original documentation and re-testing in accordance with individual jurisdiction requirements.

A large Double Motion Resin Kettle originally built by PATTERSON Industries in 1966 was recently shipped to our factory to be rebuilt, tested and re-certified. After undergoing the PATTERSON Performance Upgrade Program in 1998, the equipment was put back into productive operation in a North Carolina location.

Customer Service Records:
Retention of records for every piece of equipment ever manufactured by PATTERSON complete with design, engineering and manufacturing drawings and including ASME Affidavits of Manufacture.



Other expert repairs and services performed by PATTERSON's sub-contract Division for the Paving Industry.


Re-shelled paving roller 52-3/4" OD x 49-1/2" wide, re-machined and chamfered at each end, covered with 1/2" carbon steel plate


Side view of roller

Roller being taken off big lathe


New Rolls for old with a Precision Rolled and Welded 
Tire on your old rolls.  Rolls fully machined and 
matched on the diameters. 
Reputable Paving Contractors have used PATTERSON Industries 
for many years for the rolling, welding, machining and chamfering of 
new outer shells for their large and small Paving Rollers.  We provide 
work that is equal to the original OEM quality.  We guarantee 100% satisfaction as well as fast and dependable service.  Join our growing 
list of satisfied customers!

 Please phone, e-mail us at 
Phone: 416-694-3381
E-mail: process@pattersonindustries.com 



Rebuilt Stainless Steel Dryer Stirrer ready for shipment